Welcome to the Iron kingdoms!

In this campaign the party are a band of mercanaries lead by a cygnarian calvalier (Alex’s character). take a look around the wiki and create your character in the character section! We are using pathfinders classes and IK prestige classes modified to work with Pathfinders. As far as character restrictions go I am limiting the amount of full arcane casters to 1 (Wizards/Sorcs), and 1 addition partial list caster (Gunmage, magus, stuff like that.) The same restriction does NOT apply to divine casters however keep in mind that due to the war of souls, some divine casters just cannot be in the same party (Menoth and any other, Devourer and any other). Druids are a special case and the way they fit into the setting makes the hard to fit into a normal party, however if a player wants to play one we can discuss it.

Ye Olde Iron Kingdoms

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