Marwen Alabast

A gentle, half-elven cleric of Morrow. She enjoys long walks on machine-filled beaches and making people feel aaaalllllright.


- father was an elf, mother was a human. Fled to Cygnar after she got pregnant and bought property.


Meeting Rosalind
-Met Rosalind in Cygnar after she pitched a rock through the window on my little “gas station hostel clinic”
-I hauled her back to her parents, who were apologetic and forced Rosalind to come and do chores to pay me back for my window.
-Rosie’s parents were nice (“They didn’t spit in my face!”), so she began trading with them, and getting to know their daughter – whom she later saw as a younger sister of sorts.
-On a dare from her friends, Rosalind went out into the woods on a full moon, and ended up confronting a pack of dire wolves.
-The moral choice to either walk away and not care – or save her at great personal risk – was presented, and Marwen chose to save her. After saving Rosalind, (and a vision of Morrow?) she decided to participate in clerical studies.

-Marwen is

Marwen Alabast

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