Character Name: Rosalind Holdsworth
Birthplace: Cygnar Outskirts
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 22
Alignmeneft: Neutral Good
Class: Rogue
Description: Short, muscular, and agile for a woman with short choppy brown hair torn and ripped from running about the woods. Her dark brown eyes are hidden underneath a dark shawl she uses to hide her face, but otherwise sits atop her shoulders clothed in her modified trench coat of her mothers. Underneath it all Rose wears a simple corset and chain shirt, leggings, boots, and gloves and an assortment of belts and pouches hidden underneath her jacket.
Personality: Shoot first, ask questions later. Rose always jumps into things before she has all the answers, and when proven wrong squirms her way out of fault, denying any possibility of being wrong or declaring that her point of view may still be valid. When she has made up her mind, Rose is stubborn as a mule, but with a guiding hand will try to compromise, if only to try her way first before presiding. Still rather young, Rose sees the world through naive eyes, and because of her upbringing will only take a life if necessary or for food. Still, the life of a mercenary has always enticed her from a very young age, hearing and reading stories from her parents and practicing hunting in the woods. The life of a soldier seemed dull to her, her three years of enrollment dulled its luster, but the idea of hunting shady characters and collecting bounties as well as the possibility for adventure and treasure twisted what sense of morals Rose still had left, and nothing could convince her otherwise once she set her mind on becoming a merc.


Rosalind was born on the outskirts of Cygnar, Corvos, in a home just out of the woods that lead to Glimmerwood. Her parents, both scouts retired veterans of the Cygnar army bought the home after a luxurious life mercenary work that took them adventuring until the unexpected birth of their child. Rather than risk the health of their child, they both chose to retire from the merc life and open up a trade station to their friends and alleys coming in from the woods to Cygnar. As a result, Rosalind, or Rose as she preferred, was brought up around some unsavory characters, always curious about strange customs, cultures, and languages. Rose was taught at a young age to find her way through the woods and town, hunt and sneak up on her prey, fetch wood and herbs, and one day on her way to town running an errand she met someone who would be a huge part of the rest of her life. Marwen Alabast, a young shy half elf, supposedly the spawn of the hated race of elves and humans, was hated and picked on by the local child folk. While walking by her residence some of the local children that knew Rose from around town dared her to throw a rock at her house. Rose, naturally dexterous, managed to not only chuck the rock right through the window, but a loud yelp only confirmed that she managed to hurt someone inside. Quickly after, someone came to the door and the children went running. Marwen herself came to the door looking rather mad, but rather than run and hide Rose stayed, looking downward in regret. Rose quickly apologized, which surprised Marwen at first, and so Marwen took Rose back to her parents door to collect for the damages. Annalynn, Rose’s mother, answered the door happily, but quickly looking dismayed at Rose’s downward face and Marven’s frown of discontent. Marwen was surprised yet again at the lack of prejudice, and after explaining what happened, was invited inside and offered a drink while Rose explained the details and her lack of ability to also forget what she had went into the city for. As per request, Rose was forced to not only go back out to finish her errands, but also do chores to repay the damage done to Marwen’s estate.
After retrieving the goods for her mother and doing chores with Marwen, they both began talking, and soon ended up slacking on their chores to play. Rose began to call Marwen Marra, and Marra called Rosalind Rosie, much to her dismay. The two quickly became friends, and whenever it came to do “chores” Rosie and Marra often ended up playing in the woods together instead. While Marra tried to make money for herself and family, Rosie was schooled at home accustomed to the woods. When she wasn’t at Marra’s side she was always bugging travelers, practicing the languages her mother and father taught her. Her fathers skills as a ranger taught her about the nature around them, and her mother taught her how to hunt quietly as a rogue. One of the more significant experiences for Rose was when she was about twelve and saw a trollkin for the first time come in to trade for food. Annalynn nodded and spoke back in simple Cygnarian, unable to create the sounds of their language with her own mouth, and brokered out a simple trade of boos for food and gear. Afterwards, Rose asked her mother about the strange men, and her mother explained their tribal way of life and taught her to understand the language, though Rose tried to mimic the sound of their language anyways. Annalynn also explained not to try to follow them, since their were very territorial. Rose still tried to draw a picture for them in case they would ever return, but to this day she had never seen a trollkin up close again.
When Rose hit the youngest age able to join the local Cynarian army, she went with Marwen to join, who went to help people. It provided an opportunity to learn, but like in the city, on the war field, Marwen felt the prejudice of being a half elf, and even though she provided the crucial skill of healing, the opportunity to practice rarely came up, and thus her lack of “usefulness” depended their prejudices. And thus, it wasn’t long before Rosie tried to convince Marra to try mercenary work. When Rose came home one day after finding a far too good of an offer for Merc work, and told her parents of her plans, they had already prepared a set of gear for her, and her father’s own weapon. This was when she realized the stories of her childhood were not just stories, but real events of her parent’s lives. They had always known that the life would attract her, and prepared her like anyone else who would survive on their own. They customized the gear for Rose to fit and set her on her way. Before she could leave, her mother forced her to take her childhood diary with her, telling her to always keep track of the people and things around her, but to keep it secret, even from Marra. And with that, she went on her way to find Marra and start her childhood dream of being a mercenary.

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