Ye Olde Iron Kingdoms

The Train Job Part 1

The party was hired by The Black Boar mercenary band, and contracted by none other then Allister Cain to launch a raid on a Khadoran supply train carrying a prisoner of import and the southern garrison payroll!


It was late at night when Sid managed to tug his last-minute purchases into the lodge.
The rain had not let up, and he was soaked through as well as he could be save for the thick greatcoat on his shoulders.
Water dripped from his nose as he hauled the thick burlap sacks up the stairs, silently wondering how the bloody hell he was going to manage to hike up to the Khadoran border with a bedroll and tent in tow. What happened if he lost the horse? Would he have to actually carry all of it?

The Train Job Part 1
Darkameoba Darkameoba

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