Denton Wohlwill


Name: Denton Wohlwill
Age: 28
Home City: Five Fingers

Denton’s Mother, and Father? were both dock workers and sailors taking what work they could. Starting at the age of 13 Denton worked as a cabin boy. After on bad fight on the ship he added the ships surgeon in cleaning the wounds of the crew. The work was very different mixing herbs and chemicals, but the boy had a snack for it. Once back on land the ships surgeon took the boy under his wing and taught him the nature of alchemy; a mixture of magic and SCIENCE!

Several years passed and Denton went onto his own work as a novice surgeon aboard a new ship. Now in his late 20’s Denton was working on discovering the greatest secretes of his trade. With copies of his masters writings and a room to call his own he worked as the crew sailed, aiding them when they needed care always going back to the discover. The wind, the rain kicked the sea up; maybe then Denton should have stopped his work. The ship rocked heavy and the candle he had been using fell onto his paper he bolted to try and stop it from losing his work and spilled the ink across the pages. His life’s work ruined 16 years of teaching and work up in smoke, and trouble always comes in threes they say. The door burst in and a pirate covered in scars lifted a pistol at Denton tearing into his shoulder. Grabbing on of the flasks on the table Denton tossed it at the man, who was gone in a bang and a puff. Denton headed outside to help the crew fend off the pirates having to leave his work to burn.

Somehow the crew survived, mostly, and the ship was not damage so badly it could not float. After arriving back in Five fingers, Denton pleaded with the captain to have extra time so he could finish his work. Unpleasant words were spoken, someones mother was a whore and Denton walked off in a huff. The night was spent drinking at as many different bars as he could remember and passing out, well Denton still isn’t sure where. Running to the docks now worried more about his job then his research, the ship was gone.

At this point Denton thought well fuck em i can find other work, but since i got that free time i was asking for ill head to the collage. Hoping that someone with like talents maybe at the collage when he arrived Denton left five fingers and travel with supply trains and other travelers to the city of Corvis. He was excited a grand place of knowledge and learning i can improve on my talent and finish my work. After sometime walking around the Corvis Denton found the collage. Fratenal Order of Wizardry, Denton gulped his master told him that almost any trick a wizard can do he could do with practice, but he technically wasn’t a wizard. Walking inside the school’s walls it was lavish, the kind of lavish that made Denton want to look for something to steal. As he entered he got glares and stares from the people within, like he did not belong here. Denton was approach by an older gentleman and asked what business he had here. Denton was a little confused, i am here to learn and better my arts he told the man. Looking around Denton saw that this was no place for him. Sir i think i can find what i need else where, and Denton turned to leave hearing behind him, that is for the best sir.

Down and broke Denton looked for the one thing he knew he could make money doing mercenary work. Heading into the more “like home” parts of Corvis he stumble into a trollkin that had an offer to good to be true.

Denton Wohlwill

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