Cygnar is the most prosperous and most technologically advanced nation of the Iron Kingdoms. Of all the human factions it could also be considered the most benevolent, although that has begun to change with recent events. Cygnar’s ballistic technology is unsurpassed, and the Cygnaran specialty, arcane electrical energy, can fry opposing warjacks’ cortices, rendering them far less effective in combatp.

Cygnar is the second largest of the Iron Kingdoms, with only Khador covering a larger area. Cygnar is the more populous of the two, however. Cygnar is the southernmost of the original Iron Kingdoms, and is covered in rolling hills, dense forests, and mighty cities. Caspia, the capital of Cygnar, lies in the southeast, bordering the Protectorate of Menoth. Caspia was the only city to remain unoccupied by the Orgoth invaders, although the Caspians never managed to drive the Orgoth from the country surrounding the city. When the Rebellion began to pick up speed, the colossals were constructed in Caspia.

Cygnar emerged as the strongest of the Iron Kingdoms, following the signing of the Corvis Treaties.


The Lion’s Coup refers to the coup d’état that resulted in the deposition of king Vinter Raelthorne IV, and the seizure of the crown by his younger brother, Prince Leto Raelthorne, the current king of Cygnar. A force led by Leto, Commander Adept Nemo, and other forces tired of Vinter’s tyranny rose up against him and attacked the castle itself. Vinter and Leto met face-to-face in combat with Vinter easily gaining the upper-hand with a slash to the chest. Official documents give no clear description of what happened next, but in reality, Vinter was stopped from slaying his brother and finally defeated by the Primarch Arius, mentor and friend to Prince Leto. Vinter escaped the country and fled to the treacherous Bloodstone Marches, where he was presumed killed. The king was granted a full trial in absentia and sentenced to death, with all Cygnaran rank and privilege removed. Execution was left to the Bloodstone Marches..

Historic Figures

King Leto Raelthorne, is the present holder of the Cygnaran Crown, having seized the throne from his tyrannical elder brother, Vinter, in a Lion’s coup in 596 AR.

King Vinter Raelthorne IV is the deposed former king of Cygnar. He has spent the years since the Lion’s Coup working towards regaining the Cygnaran Crown alongside Magnus the Warlord and his new allies, the Skorne.

Warmaster General Turpin is the supreme commander of the Cygnaran military, answering only to King Leto.

Scout General Bolden Rebald is the leader of the Cygnaran Reconnaissance Service (the CRS), Cygnar’s spy network. He is one of the most wellinformed people in Cygnar.

Primarch Arius is the head of the Morrowan Church in Cygnar. He was present during Leto’s coup against his brother Vinter, and some people speculate that he somehow helped Leto win by calling upon the divine powers of Morrow.

The Cygnar Military


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