Ord has a proud military tradition, and its citizens are known to be capable on both land and sea. Still, they are forced to tolerate the constant threat of aggression from Khador. Their norther border is well fortified and the city of Midfast has a legendary reputation for resisting siege, but this is of small comfort to those living between the two major modern powers, Cygnar and Khador. The army of Ord is tenacious and well supported, but they are greatly outnumbered, and the resources of their kingdom cannot compete with teh north. THeir navy is respected, but would avail little were Khador press them by land.

Despite such a threat, the kings of Ord have long been stubborn, and its castellans value their independence. They have refused to formally ally even with Cygnar,, although the two kingdoms are on friendly terms. King Baird II, “the Bandit King,” is confident in his ability to stand alone, and knows that, if required, Cygnar will come to his aid. In truth, the Ordic leaders hope to stay clear of any war between the two great powers, but some political realists tag those who think a goal of neutrality is viable as “delusionist fools.”

Aside from political threats, one of Ord’s adversaries on the sea lanes is a commercial one. Steam power and mechanika have made a profound impact on ocean navigation on recent years, and the Cygnaran-based Mercarian League has enticed all manner of explorers to risk death for riches and glory. Ord is in competition with the Mecarian league to establish new trade routes to the shores of Zu, believing that the southern continent is the key to recognition, resources, and power. The league, of course, feels much the same, and ships have engaged in fierce naval battles of late – incidents that are straining some relations between Ord and Cygnar.

Yet another obstacle to ocean dominance is the island of Cryx and its fleet of deadly vessels. Although Cygnar has more shoreline to defend and is a closer target, Cryyxian raiders are just as troublesome to the coastal villages of Ord. Nonetheless, the relationship between Cryx and Ord is more complicated that it seems on the surface. Five Fingers remains the single key point of entry for smuggled Cryxian goods one the mainland and is also their only “safe” port of call for other endeavors. Some people believe that Ordic Navy does not chase the Cryxians away from Five Fingers, on specific orders, and that furtive compromises have been made between the Ordic rulers and the dragon king, Lord Toruk.

Historic Figures

King Baird Cathor II “The Bandit King” is the eldest ruler of the Iron Kingdoms. The Cathors of Tordor managed to survive the ravages of the Orgoth and have retained a measure of power over the past thousand years, traditionally relying on the support of the castellan noble families to govern land, collect taxes, and contribute armed levies. Though the inherent power of the monarchs has waxed and waned throughout Ordic history, King Baird Cathor II is viewed as a likeable lout but a strong king despite himself.

Prince Baird Cathor III is the Bandit King’s first son, successor, general of the Ordic Army, Lord Castellan of Tordoro, and a disciplined and law abiding military man. Baird II has some worry that his forty-year-old heir, virtually his fathers’ opposite in every way, has seen too little of life, especially beyond Ord’s borders, to govern as a true son of the Cathor line.

Prince Brogan Cathor II is Baird II’s second son, Engineer Captain of the Ordic Navy and castellan of Westcliffe Manor. Brogan is a quiet and introspective son devoted to modernizing Ord’s antiquated armed forces. Prince Brogan has traveled to many port cities including Ceryl, yet he is most eager to visit the Strategic Academy and Cygnaran Armory in Caspia. He is married and has a son and daughter at his estate in Berck, but his grequent travels abroad have strained his marriage.


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