Slang of the Iron Kingdoms

Blag, Blagged c. to steal. “The dimwit blagged from a bleedin’ churchie, ’e did!”

Bloke n. A man. “What’s that dodgy bloke up to?”

Bloody adj./adv. An intensifier. “That bloody idiot needs a good thumping.”

Bodge v. To repair. “Gimme an hour and I can bodge the thing together near as new.”

Bodger n. A mechanik who specializes in quick fixes. “That bodger got the ’jack up and running with nothing more than spit and willpower, I tell ya!”

Boinker n. A male, often used in lieu of ‘fellow.’ “I dunno. Didn’t say his name, come to think of it. Just some boinker down at the pub.”

Boxy adj. To grow restless or crazy. “We got ta move from this hidey-hole. Marag’s getting all boxy like.”

Bum n. Buttocks. “My bum’s a bit sore after riding all day.”

Bum-fluff n. Adolescent facial hair, usually insulting. “You call that bum-fluff a beard?”

Chuffed adj. Very pleased. “I was dead chuffed to be awarded that knighthood.”

Churchie n. A man of the cloth; a cleric. “That there bloke’s a Menite churchie, eh? Looks chummy.”

Clapped Out adj. Worn out machinery. “That old steamjack’s a clapped out piece o’ scrap.”

Dead adv. Very. “I am dead happy we escaped those farrow.”

Dodgy adj. Risky, suspicious. “I don’t trust the man. He seems really dodgy.”

Dreg n. Derog. 1. A despicable, worthless person. “Don’t waste your time with that filthy Marag, old girl. He’s not but a dreg with a mind for your jubblies!” 2. Least desirable portion; refuse. “I’ll be humped! Those dodgy blokes left nothing of that roast boar for us the but the dregs.”

Fob, Fob Off v. phrs. To deceive, put off, or appease through deceit or evasiveness. “That dodgy tosser pulled a fast one and fobbed Marag off but good! Heh-heh.”

Get Stuffed! v. Get lost! “Leave me along, and get stuffed!”

Git n. Derog. A comtemptible person. “That’s a nasty thing to do you complete and utter hit.”

Gubbins n. Paraphernalia, miscellaneous stuff. “That steamjack engineer had a lot of gubbins in his toolbox.”

Halfhead n. Derog. Foolish person. “You go out carousin’ wit’ those halfheads again and you’re likely ta get kilt.”

Halfjob n. adj. Poorly made or unfinished mechanika. “You’da run too if ye’d seen the halfjob come crawling outta that tomb! I fink ol’ Pendrake called it an ‘iron lich’ or some sort.”

Jackhead n. Steamjack worker. “Momma always said one jackhead’s as filthy as the other ’un.”

Jackscrapper n. A steamjack repairer, specifically one who repairs warjacks; a battle mechanik. “You better watch out for those Khadoran jackscrappers, lad. They’re bloody nutters!”

Junked adj. Refers to something that has been fixed by a junker. “Those manky gits sold my assistant a junked rotor assembly. Bloody worthless — the assembly and my assistant!”

Junker n. One of a subgroup of wandering vagabonds, known for their makeshift mechanical prowess. “Aw hell, the junkers are rollin’ into town. Lock up the gates and hide the silver.”

Knackered adj. Tired, exhausted, ruined. “Sorry, I can’t go on. I’m bloody knackered.”

Lippy adj. Impertinent, mouthy. “Right, that’s it you lippy arse! Eat this!”

Lug-Hole n. The ear. “Bend yer lug-holes this way and listen.”

Manky adj. Disgusting, dirty. “Ugh! Don’t touch that corpse, it’s manky!”

Mechstuff n. Mechanika. “Oy, but that bridge is run by mechstuff, right? So’s you don’t have the right pass code, you’re going bloody nowhere.”

Mucker n. Friend; usually possessively and sometimes proceeded by another adjective such as ‘old.’ “All right, me old mucker!”

Nip v. To go quickly. “Look, just got to nip off for a sec’. I’ll be back straightaway.”

Not Give a Toss v. phrs. To not care at all. “Sorry, but I don’t give a toss what your problem is.”

Nut n. To headbutt. “I’ll nut ya one if ya look at me like that again.”

Out of Order phrs. Totally unacceptable. “Those poxy gubbins are out of order, ya git.”

Pips n. Currency. “Marag’s willin’ to pay a load o’ pips for this job, eh?”

Poxy adj. Rubbishy, of poor quality. “Of all the poxy luck! I had to end up a cave-in with you!”

Pub n. Inn or tavern. Abbreviation for ‘Public House.’ “Right, now to spend all those crowns! Off to the pub we go!”

Rummy adj. Odd; peculiar. “What a rummy little town this is!”

Slink n. A rogue, scout, or other person that relies on stealth. “Send the slinks out to get a peek what’s in that camp.”

Snog v. n. To kiss lustfully. “Fancy a snog, big boy?”

Sod n. 1. Derod. A despicable person. “You are the most annoying sod I’ve ever met!” 2. A pitiable person. “I just saw your wife go off with that troll, you poor sod.”

Sod-All n. adj. Nothing. “Trust Marag to do sod-all when his help is needed.”

Steamjack n. A construct powered by a coal-fired boiler, or other power source, and controlled by a cortex. The term steamjack is mostly used to refer to common labor ‘jacks.

Steamo n. Anyone what works with steam mechanika. “Terrific! That steamo knows his mechstuff back’ard and for’ard, eh? Let’s move!”

Stroppy adj. Bad tempered. “Don’t get stroppy with me, ya bum fluff-faced dwarf.”

Ta exclam. Thank-you. “Ta for the help, me old mucker.”

Tosser n. Idiot. “Don’t be a tosser, Marag. You’ve got no chance with Alexia.”

Trog n. Any ugly or coarse individual. “Your husband’s a real trog.”

Wank n. Rubbish, nonsense. “This new suit of armor is a pile of wank!”

Wank-Wrencher n. An incompetent mechanic. “That wank-wrencher’ll never finish this job.”

Wanker n. Derog. A contemptible person. “Get lost, you wanker!”

Warjack n. A steamjack designed specifically for battle. Warjacks have thick armor plates and much higher functioning cortexes than standard steamjacks.

Wazzock n. Derog. Cretin. “I can’t believe you did that, you wazzock!”

Workhorse n. A basic labor steamjack. “Take one of the workhorses from down the dock to do the heavy liftin’.”

Wrench v. To work as a mechanic. “I was wrenchin’ on me own back in those days, but now I’m quite happy wrenchin’ in the Guild.”


Slang of the Iron Kingdoms

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